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Forum Rules and Guidlines
Article: Forum Rules and Guidlines
Author: Sleipnir
Posted: Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:10 am
Over the years a unique community has been built here at Sleipnir's Stuff, and as such, we have our own beliefs on the atmosphere the community should have. We believe in fostering an open and welcoming environment where any and all players can participate in open discussions free from harassment or ostracization of any kind. By using these forums, members of this community pledge to upholding these beliefs and standards as well as keeping discussions civil.

  • Use Descriptive Topic Titles
    Using a descriptive title lets users know what your topic is about without having to read through replies.

  • Remove Images From Quotes
    Images take up a lot of space and don’t need to be repeated. Removing images from quotes makes discussions more readable for others.

  • Use English
    English is shared by a majority of forum users, holding discussions in other languages leads to isolated discussions.

  • Label Your Links
    Tell users where your links will take them. Unlabeled links are less trustworthy.

  • Think About Others Before Posting
    If what you’re posting could be read as offensive or insulting please refrain from saying it.

Do Not:
  • Spam
    Repeating posts, posts with little meaningful content and kel farming is spam and does not contribute to the forum in any way.

  • Flame1 or Abuse Others
    This forum is not a host to aggression towards others, if you disagree with other users then settle the matter politely.

  • Intentionally Derail2 Topics
    Derailing a topic makes it difficult to follow for other users. If you want to talk about something new, make a new topic.

  • Necro Post3
    Unless you are adding new content, don’t reply to old topics.

  • Backseat Moderate
    If you are not a moderator you should not be moderating. If you see someone violating the forum rules report it to a moderator instead of acting yourself. Trying to moderate yourself will only lead to arguments.

  • Create or Use Multiple Accounts
    Unless it has been permitted by a moderator, the use of multiple accounts is prohibited.

  • Make Private Subforum Content Public
    Unless the content is yours, you should keep other users private content private.

  • Advertise Non-OpenRA Content
    Advertisements for content unrelated to OpenRA is better done elsewhere.

  • Create Posts That Can Be PMs
    If a post would be better suited as a PM then make it one.

  • Create Posts That Add Little or No Original Content
    Quote trains4 and replies consisting of content that has been said elsewhere are unconstructive .

  • Discuss Illegal Activities
    This forum does not host discussions of warez5 or any other illegal activities.

  • Use Large Signatures
    Signatures that dwarf posts are obnoxious and add little to the forum experience.

  • Quote Deleted Posts
    Quoting deleted posts can lead to obfuscation. If a post has been deleted by a moderator it’s content may not be suitable for the forum.

  • Post Shocking Content, Misleading Content or Gore
    Such content is not suitable for the forum.

  • Restore Edited Posts To Their Original Form
    This can cause confusion and make topics difficult to follow if removed content was referenced.

These rules are enforced at a Moderator's discretion. If you are unsure if you should post something, message a Moderator. Subforum-specific rules override any general rules.

Please report any questionable content you think violates the Forum Rules. To report, use irc or message a moderator.

  • Supply a link to the offending material.
  • Be as objective as possible when reporting.
  • Give as much information as possible (include which rule you think has been broken).

Do Not:
  • Spam reports.
  • Report as joke.

Moderator action can include, but is not limited to:
  • Notifying the user who violates these rules.
  • Editing or removing an offending post or topic.
  • Temporarily or permanently banning a user who violates these rules.

  1. Flaming: Intentionally saying disrespectful or insulting remarks with the aim to discredit, harm, ostracise or stir up others.
  2. Derailing: purposefully taking a thread off topic.
  3. Necro posting: the act of reply to an old topic.
  4. Quote Train: Quoting a quote of a quote of a quote.
  5. Warez: Illegal distribution of copyrighted material.
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