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Custom RA2 Voxels here!!
Come and get your new voxels here.
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Do you think that the Advanced Cop Car (advcop) should replace the old COP Model?
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Create A new Cop Car Model
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 3:06 pm    Post subject: Custom RA2 Voxels here!! Reply with quote

Hello people. I would like to introduce to you all: New voxels for Red Alert 2. Smile

Each Week I will release a new batch of hot fresh models for what ever mod your working on. I can be for Yuri's revenge or original. Rolling Eyes

I made some once when I downloaded the vxl editor once. I got the hang of it. Grin

Also to start off. I am releasing some models now.

Included in this series:

Advanced Cop
Police SUV
New Stang Model
A limo with guns
YR Allied Mammoth Tank
YR Allied Heavy Tank
YR Allied Lasher Tank
Light Grizzly Tank
Soviet Lasher Rhino Tank

I will let you know if I got some more comming.
Later dawgs.



 Filename:  glmtnk_000.JPG
 Description:  Lasher Heavy Tank Front
36.02 KB :: Viewed 8802 Time(s) :: [ Download ]



 Filename:  glmtnk_001.JPG
 Description:  Lasher Heavy Tank Front Again
41.72 KB :: Viewed 8802 Time(s) :: [ Download ]

 Filename:  Red Alert 2 Voxels.rar
 Description:  Voxel Pack No.1
112.65 KB :: Downloaded 1288 Time(s) :: [ Download ]

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