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The Cell
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Chapter 1

Part 1
Setting: CERN
Characters: Ben Dwight Wedgwood, Francois Franklin (co-partner)

There was a reading in the detector ALICE. The observating scientists jumped for joy. Then they rushed to report the findings to the Head of Commission, pushing each other back, trying to claim it's their discovery. Only 2 scientists remain unperturbed.

Francois: It seems that they've discovered something...
Ben: ... of utmost unimportance.
Francois: So you're stil adamant about not joining them in the race to finding the fundamental particle?
Ben: Heh, the god particle? Join them? They're a bunch of nutheads who wants to create fame for their own. They're not interested in finding it...
Francois: True. The Head was so angry that he declared no one who discovered a new particle can receive a Nobel Prize.
Ben: ...
Francois: But up to now we've discovered quite a number of more-fundamental particles. Aren't you going to at least report some of them?
Ben: Fundamental is fundamental. There'll only be one fundamental. And I'll report that if I find it.
Francois: ...

Part 2
Setting: head of Commission's office
Characters: Ben, Francois, Mr. Grew Hadrics

Mr. Grew: Mr. Wedgwood, I admire your persistence in this research. You're perhaps the most modest of all scientists here. Still, I'm sorry to say that this facility will face a closure in 3 days' time.
Ben: 3 days! But Sir, we're so close in discovering the String theory, can't this closure be postponed till 3 months?
Mr. Grew: I'm really sorry, but this is the directive from the French government. Apparently no one is going to support this reseach any longer since it does not produce results during the last 5 years.
Ben: But Sor! I've found extraordinary behavious inside quarks! I'm able to dig out more secrets in just a few months! Results can be produced!
Mr. Grew: Mr. Wedgwood, I truly admire your dedication and dreams to this matter. But an order, will be an order. There's no way around it.
Ben (turned arond facing the door): Fine then. I'll give you the results in this 3 days.
(walk out with Francois and slam the door).
Mr. Grew (to himself): ... he'll be a great man in the near future...

Part 3
Setting: CMS detector
Characters: Ben, Francois

Most of the people have packed and left. Only 2 scientists remained.

Ben: We haven't carried out the possibility of raising the energy level over 20 TeV. Perhaps this will be our last chance to dig out the Superstrings.
Francois: But superstrings are only a postulate! We're not sure if they even exist! Besides, raising the energy level is very dangerous! It'll cause a meltdown.
Ben: This facility will be doomed in three days, whether there is or isn't a meltdown. It's a risk I'd have to take. Are you with me?
Francois: This facility will explode! We'll be killed!
Ben: I understand. You can leave anytime you want. No obligations.
Francois: .... I'll stay.
Ben: Fine, then please raise the voltage to 20 TeV.

Francois lifted the lever above the limit.

Ben: Now we wait...

A loud explosion occurred. The particles will bombarded to explode the minute particles inside. The meter showed a very great reading.

Ben: Look Frank! We got a total reading of only 15 TeV! Where had the other 5 TeV gone to?

A loud siren wailed...

Francois: Ben! A meltdown occurred at sector 4G, near ALICE!
Ben: Just as I thought. The unaccounted 5 TeV was something else... Quick, to sector 4G, we might have stubled upon the god particle!

Ben brought along a portable detector. They rushed along the circular hadron collider until they reached 4G. Part of the collider's walls were glowing multi-coloured.

Ben: Great! The free superstrings are contained inside the collider! Quick, we must report....
Francois: Shit! The automated emergency systems have sealed off all exits to contain a possible meltdown! Oh heavens... we're going to die here!
Ben: What? No way... after all I've gone through... no, I must report my findings -

The lead walls af the collider cracked, and some plasma leaked out from the cracks. It looked like lava. In an instant, they were immersed inside the plasma...
Ben thought he saw some strings wriggling inside the plasma. The an outburst of energy say the strings shooting towards him, penetrating his skin....
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