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Haunt you baby
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2005 9:14 am    Post subject: Haunt you baby Reply with quote

The Haunted Blog

One of my favourite pastimes was browsing through people’s blogs. Reading others’ blogs give me an insight of their everyday lives, their views and perception of the world. Of all, that’s one I liked in particular: Phoebe’s Daily Diary, which I frequently patronised.
Her real name was Phoebe Yoon. Her little page was up for about 4 years, I think, updated almost every week’s time. It was a jotting of her life, what she felt and what she did. I’d been constantly following her articles for the past 4 years without fail. Her colourful Hello Kitty designs that decorated the page always attracted me to look around her site. But the most important reason is that she poured out her feelings that reached out for my heart: sometimes happy, other times melancholy. Reading her writing was always a thrill, as her power of expression was so strong that I just know her inside out even though I hadn’t met her in person.
I’d hoped to meet this particular girl someday. From her demeanour and exposition, I had an impression of a sweet, beautiful lass, rich in courtesy and grace, understanding and strong.
Many times she talked about herself, her family and her experiences. I wished I were there to help her when friends were bullying her. I wanted to climb Mount Tahan myself when she related her hiking expedition. She once described her fashion fad going about and I wished that I’d seen how she dressed.
There were times she talked about her family, from what I knew, that her parents were not in good terms, often quarrelled over trivial matters. To her, they were a mismatch, and it was a dysfunctional family. I could just hear her sob through her tone of writing, and often I write in to console her. She appreciated my giving of support, and of late we became great friends. We’d also discuss about other things. Her perspective of the world was very wide, like when confronting issues like war and epidemics, she gave a broad insight of the happenings and some opinions about them. I really admired her level of maturity, the way she see things and comprehend them. The only setback was her family – if not for that, she’d be a perfect, happy teen.
Of late, she was very worried about her parents’ impending divorce. It was just 2 years ago that suddenly, the face of her blog was changed into a gothic, Stygian style. From the looks of it, she was so glum, and her writing was full of thorns between the lines. I often write to cheer her up, but it didn’t help much. She was lonely and miserable; I was sorry for her.
She once told me about suicide, how she intended to end her life that was nothing but sorrows. I warned her against the idea, that suicide wouldn’t solve anything. I told her to be brave and live up to this challenge, which fortunately, she accepted.
Her blog went quiet for a while after that episode. She sort of disappeared for several months, as her last blog stayed stagnant on the front page. Then after that, she returned, now back to her normal self again, cheerful and humorous. The blog face reverted to the Hello Kitty decorations, and she continued to write about happy event along the way. I was rest assured that she had recovered from her despair.
Sometime later, I decided to recommend this blog to my friends, since it had brought me much pleasure and entertainment. As I told them the name of the blogger, their faces turned pale.
“Are you sure that’s her name?” they asked.
“Why, yes it is!” I confirmed. “But Phoebe Yoon, she was killed in a freak accident just last year! It’s on the papers!”
I was not satisfied with their claims. Immediately, I went online to ask her if what they said was real. From Favourites, I scrolled down the list to her blog address and clicked, only to get the utmost shock of my lifetime. That’s where I find:

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