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Shadows of the mafia
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here is a series i am gonna start i have 2 chapters done keep in mind this is written such as a short story would be...

Shadows of the mafia

Chapter 1

I remember it like it was just yesterday, it had been rainy that day. That day…. I wish I could just leave it behind, but it lingers in my chest like a bad cold. I came home early from work, it was another depressing day of my life, but I had her to brighten up my day, so I could not wait to get back to her beautiful face. But…. But when I got back, I found her on the street….. Beaten down… she had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was still barely alive, I bent down and picked up her head she whispered to me “Michael, I love you” and closed her eyes and fell to the ground, my tears fell upon her soft skin. Why did she have to die like this? Who killed her? Why? A young boy came to me as I held her; he told me that the men who beat her down wore clean uniforms. And I thought to myself, why were people in uniforms in this part of town. Who in their right mind would come to this broken down place? I mean the air isn’t even breathable. So I went to my closest friend James. James was a very odd person, he knew everything about the night traders and the black market, hell he could probably run an entire criminal underground with his knowledge. But the day that I visited him, my life changed. He told me that only the Kasio would come into the dark zone in uniforms. When he mentioned the word Kasio I automatically thought of my father, he owed them money and they killed him the day before he was able to obtain the cash. The Kasio were an Italian mafia ran by Antonio Benito, he was a very ruthless man. Yet people respected him, for the money he beat from hard working citizens he gave to poor Italian families…. Well a small portion that is. It was kind of a sick Robin Hood type of things. But instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he stole from the poor and gave it to the poorer. But not all of his cash was stolen, in fact only a small portion was actually stolen, the majority of it was from illegal trades AKA drugs, stolen vehicle parts, alcohol, ETC.

Yet it was this very day that I pledged on grim fate. I would kill this man, but there is only one way to get to him. I have to work my way up to the top. I talked to James and he said he could get me in, I would be a collector. A man who collects the cash from anyone who owes Benito. As I walked out of the broken down apartment complex where James lived, I looked into the sky and a tear formed in my right eye. As it fell to the ground I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This is for you beautiful.

Chapter 2

I remember the first man I had to “Visit” he was a middle aged man, but I still remember his face. It was beaten by the scorching sun, and dirty from the smog. when me and my partner Ryan got to his house. We knocked softly on the door to lure them into a false sense of security. His wife answered the door, but quickly shut it and we heard mumbles and the second floor window in the back broke. We ran around Ryan pulled out his Assault Pistol and I grabbed my shock lance. We saw the man jump his fence and begin to run in the alley, we swiftly ran after him. Ryan looked at me, then at the man and said “ Dave, you have 3 seconds to stop, or I will fire!” “3!” the man kept running “2” the man still kept going “1” The man tried to turn a corner but Ryan pulled the trigger and 3 stun bullets hit the man in his leg, leaving large wounds. He tried to limp away; I breathed and activated my shock lance. I got close to him, and swung. The man collapsed to the floor. We took him back to the “Investigation Chamber” in an abandoned warehouse I sat down and watched Ryan “investigate” him, mainly because I was the new guy and I had to learn. Ryan smoked a cigar and breathed the smoke into the mans face, the man coughed. Ryan then slowly say” so……. Mr. Benito says you owe some money. Do you have any idea what we are talking about?” the man stared at him. Ryan repeated himself and said “Do you?” he slowly pulled out a knife. The man started to slightly tremble. Ryan started playing with the knife with his fingers, he cut his finger and a drop of blood fell to the ground. The man started to shake rapidly, he finally said “I know…. I know… I’ve been trying…. To get the money…… but its hard…… its so hard with the….. Corporations hiring the mars core civilians…. Just give me a little more time…. And I will have it.”

Ryan stared at his blade and said “you were supposed to have the cash last week. So I will let you go…… but I am not going to let you go without something to remember this day.” He quickly slashed the knife down and cut off one of the mans fingers, the man screamed out in pain, yet he cried, this was the only thing that would happened to him this night. I got up and activated my shock lance to incapacitate this man, but Ryan quickly pistol whipped him, and the man fell on the floor unconscious. We dragged him back to his house. I realized when we dropped him off on his front porch. That the finger he cut off, was his wedding finger. I asked myself “is this really worth it?” we got into the cab and drove off.

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