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Creatures of a distant land
A poetic short story
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:57 am    Post subject: Creatures of a distant land Reply with quote

Not really an experienced writer, so I hope you like it. Smile


On a day in a place hidden and unknown, a young adventurer awakens, ready to journey into the far and wide.
He is all ready to set out, and has all his belongings packed up.

'This day', he says, 'I will go forth to find new worlds, and go to distant lands never traversed by our kind before.
And I will see creatures only told of in ancient stories and lore.'
And so he waves his fellow villagers and friends goodbye, and sets his first paces on the way to his unknown destination.

There our young hero begins his journey. Days pass, then weeks and even months go by.
His friends are worried that he might never return, his aging mother begins to cry:
'If only had I never allowed him to go, he is far too young and innocent to go like this!'
But then suddenly, a faint red appears over the distant hills. Could it be him? Had our young traveller really come back?

The village is in disarray, everyone shouting and chanting, preparing for the great feast
For their adventurer had returned from his quest, and had encountered a strange beast!
As the night falls and everyone gathers around a great bonfire, the youngling tells his story:

'It was such a horror that I encountered, there were creatures in a distant land,
who walked around shaven bald, and wore strange garments to keep them warm.
They lived in great pillars of stone, and moved around in great shining carriages with nothing to pull them.
These carriages made hellish noise, and poisoned my breath time and time again as they passed, in a never ending storm.'

'These creature were terrified of even their own kind, separating those they did not like,
hating one another for reasons I will never understand. They would pick on, tease and hunt down
those who they thought was different, and they would cast them out of their ways.'

'And when the needing cried for help, the leaders ignored them and continued in their folly,
leaving countless hungry and helpless while the great rulers continued to bask in abundance.'

'But nothing was more terrible', he says, 'than what they did to their fellow creatures...'
'They killed and maimed their own kind time after time, caused destruction in their wake,
took down thousands of forests to make room for their homes, and murdered any creature
that would stand in their way, whether their own kind or another. There was little distinction to make.'

'You poor little thing', his mother says later, comforting him in his fears.
'We should all just be glad you've survived after what you've been through.'
'Mother, I'm just happy to be back', he says, 'and away from those terrible nightmares.'

And with those words, he heads for his bed and curls up with his warm, bushy tail around him.
He knows that whatever was out there, home was ever safe.


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