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Livestreams & Youtube accounts for OpenRA
LAST: NetNazgul RAGL cast - Lorry FRIDAY - Tailix RAGL
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PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 6:27 pm    Post subject: Livestreams & Youtube accounts for OpenRA Reply with quote

Streamers, youtubers & other content creaters: post in this thread when you go live (don't forget date + timezone) so I can edit it in the subtitle
If you stream on Twitch: don’t forget to archive your broadcasts! - to keep your VoD available for a longer time: highlight your stream
Also consider exporting your videos to youtube. Read more about archiving, highlighting and exporting videos here. << Twitch streamers read this! Important!
To anyone: if you see a dead link, incorrect information or if your channel should be added - let me know!
Archive link to first Livestream/Youtube topic.

Advertise your streams and new uploads on Reddit! Relevant subs:
Made review of OpenRA? r/GameReviews, r/VideoGameReviews
A game or Let's Play? r/LetsPlayVideos, r/LetsPlay
Going to stream OpenRA? r/VGStreams
And post them to the OpenRA channel: r/OpenRA
Also post your tournaments to r/Esports
Announce your broadcast on the OpenRA Discord in #Stream_News or #Youtube_News

Streams/casts with regular broadcasts

FiveAces Shoutcast - announcement thread - Wednesday 6pm UTC, every odd week (started in week 37)
Link to youtube.com/fiveaces

Corrode - (German/English) - co-host wanted! - Weekly on Thursday ~6:30pm UTC
Link to Twitch/CorrodeCasts
> VoD youtube/CorrodeCasts

Lorrydriver - announcement thread - Weekly on Friday 6pm UTC
Link to Twitch/LorrydriverORA

Streams/casts with irregular broadcasts

OpenRA stream by Soscared - announcement thread
Link to twitch.tv/soscared - unit lost - check out the videos for many hours of awesome casts!

Smitty's Workshop - announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Smittytron

Raishiwi - announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Raishiwi
> King of the Hill Tournament (2016) VoD on Twitch

ZxGanon_ - TD, RA, CD everything!
Link to Twitch/ZxGanon_
> Youtube/ZxGanon - Crystallized Doom Mod videos

Attaque Supérior (mod) stream by Hecthor Doomhammer - announcement thread
Link to twitch.tv/HecthorDoomhammer
> VOD youtube.com/MasterHammersman
> Tag Team Tournament VoD on Twitch
> DoomHammer 1v1 Red Alert tournament (2016) VoD on Twitch
> King of the Hill (2016) VoD on Twitch

Kochevnik - announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Stepnyak - Dune2000 & Red Alert Cup (21st of October ~15:00 UTC - 1:00 UTC)

Netnazgul - no announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Netnazgul - NEW

Tailix - no announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Tailix - NEW

DoomsdayRA - announcement thread
Link to Twitch/DoomsdayRA

Livestream by Happy & Juicebox
Link to twitch.com/juicebox

Link to Twitch/KazuOpenRA

OpenRA stream by Spy - announcement thread
> North American 1v1 Tournaments 1-5 VoD

Jehal - no announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Jehal

Murto the Ray Stream - announcement thread
Link to Twitch/Murtotheray

The Echo of Damnation
Link to Twitch/The Echo of Damnation
> Mapmaking stream

Link to Twitch/Rexxyyy
> Learning the game/road to recruits

Livestream by Hamb
Link to twitch.com/h4mb
> Big team & 2v2 Tournament (2012)
> Big Team Tournament (2015)

Livestream by Corpsgrinder360
Link to youtube.com/CorpseGrinder360

Livestream by ayErcan (French spoken)
Link to twitch.tv/ayErcan

Livestream by Tremplergaming
Link to twitch.tv/Tremplergaming
> Crystallized Doom mapmaking

Youtube accounts

Official OpenRA youtube
Link to youtube.com/OpenRA

FiveAces Shoutcast - announcement thread
Link to youtube.com/fiveaces - frequent uploader!

Soscared Youtube - announcement thread
Link to youtube.com/soscared - frequent uploader!

Hecthor Doomhammer
Link to Youtube.com/hecthorDoomhammer - frequent uploader!

Link to Zagzorn's OpenRA playlist - frequent uploader!

Link to youtube.com/BoolBada - frequent uploader!
> Red Alert modding videos

AoA General1 - announcement thread
Link to youtube.com/OL Gaming

Kyrylo - announcement thread
Link to youtube.com/Kyrylo Silin
> Kyrylo first person videos + Real Map Talk videos

Link to youtube.com/MustaphaTR
> Dune2000 modding videos

Nelax Gaming
Link to youtube.com/Nelax Gaming
> Learn how to Mod OpenRA

Spy/The Rounge Lounge
Link to youtube.com/Matthew Nguyen
> North American 1v1 tournaments

Link to youtube.com/DanRobzProbz

FRenzy OpenRA - announcement thread
Link to youtube.com/Frenzy Time

Link to youtube.com/Hypercube33

Link to youtube.com/StevenChadwick

Link to youtube.com/poi

Link to youtube.com/Hamb

Lazy Gecko Games
Link to youtube.com/Lazy Gecko Games

Doomsday - announcement thread
Link to youtube.com/Doomsday
> Teaching Red Alert video's

Link to youtube.com/Gaming@3440x1440

Link to youtube.com/JCX Pro

Link to youtube.com/Shpooky

Link to youtube.com/ZombieInfektion

Ryan Chamberlain
Link to youtube.com/Ryan Chamberlain
> OpenRA missions

Blakes Sanctum
Link to youtube.com/Blakes Sanctum

Link to youtube.com/ JohnMegacycle

OpenRA Operation Replay
Link to youtube.com/OpenRAOperationReplay

Navnik BHSilver
Link to youtube.com/Navnik BHSilver

Scantanious Combustion
Link to youtube.com/Scantanious Combustion

Link to youtube.com/Silenvo

Link to youtube.com/TaxOwlbear

Holarse (German)
Link to youtube.com/ holarse

Professor Yana's Forsaken Outpost
Link to youtube.com/Professor Yana's Forsaken Outpost

Kochevnik tut (Russian)
Link to youtube.com/Kochevnik tut

Link to youtube.com/Plasmic

Lucas van Geloven
Link to youtube.com/LucasvanGeloven

Comrade Reporting
Link to youtube.com/ComradeReporting

Tailix Killa Mentor
Link to youtube.com/TailixKillaMentor

Mr Chaser (Russian commented)
Link to youtube.com/Mr Chaser

Non OpenRA Twitch Streams
Long list of C&C Twitch streamers, many non OpenRA - (OVERVIEW of many RTS / C&C related streams/youtube)

Other youtube content of OpenRA:

- Lynn Kincheloe (6 big team tournament videos)
- Henry the Slav (9 commented multiplayer videos)
- MasterofRoflness (6 videos, Red Alert)
- Bored Man (2 games, Red Alert)
- Ryan Cooper (3 games, Tiberium Origins)
- Patchworth plus (3 videos, commented skirmish)
- Massimiliano Schettino (3 videos, commented skirmish)
- Meldrian (3 Dune2000 skirmish, German comments)
- PGC Dani (6 commented videos, Red Alert, teamspeak)
- Ancient Transcripts (3 Red Alert videos, Chinese commentary)
- EnchJini (3 commented games Tiberium Dawn)
- FallenShogun (10 TD & RA games, English)

  • Red Alert videos on youtube: just click on one of the streams/youtubechannels

OpenRA search (currently no interesting content)

Downloadsite for Replays

Link to OpenRA replays downloadsite
Upload and download your favorite replays (sign up or your uploads are not visible!). Wub the replay if you thought it was a good game so the best games come out on top!

Post your fun replays online Gamereplays.org/openra
Consider supporting OpenRA by setting a bounty or by donating for a server

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:10 pm  Reply with quote

To be clear: please do post here when you plan to go live so I will surely notice it!

Also if you find strems/youtubechannels that are not listed or links are dead... do not hesitate to post!

Post your fun replays online Gamereplays.org/openra
Consider supporting OpenRA by setting a bounty or by donating for a server
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:11 pm  Reply with quote

Planning to stream on Friday at 18:00 gmt to hype up my tournament as IT will be the closing day of the Registrations the place to be
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:14 am  Reply with quote

I'm sure the distinct lack of SoScared streams lately has left as much of a void in the communities' gaming schedules as it has in mine.

To remedy this, I'll host a 1v1 stream today from 5PM UTC on my youtube channel (youtube.com/covertflobert)

Hoping to see you all there!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:09 pm  Reply with quote

Hey, I'll be streaming today at 4pm UTC. www.twitch.tv/lorrydriverora

kazu and I are going to get some practice in for tomorrow's big matches, so we'll not only play 1vs1 but also some team games.
However, it's probably going to be difficult to find 2on2 matches that will prepare us for Smitty and Barf, so we might have to play against more than 2 players.

Make sure to join us and find out whether we'll bite off more than we can chew. Grin
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